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About Us

IP Launch Services (“IPLS”) is dedicated to being a supporting player in your technology start-up.  The regulatory and financial technology market is moving fast and you need to ramp up sales quickly and get paying customers to prove your valuation or you will get left in the cold. 

But tech start-ups rarely have the sales talent needed.  IPLS understands that regulatory or financial solutions are often complex and you need sales people that understand that market and the requirements and needs of that particular industry to close a sale. 

We are also the trusted source for the regulated business as they shop for technologies.  Financial services and other regulated companies are coming to us asking us if we have certain technologies that meet one of the many particular challenges they are facing.  With your technology on our “shelf” of offerings, your solution never misses out on an opportunity.  

Our Services

IPLS is your sales team.   We learn your technology, reach out to your target audience, generate and analyse leads, and schedule and perform the demos.   We charge a one-time set-up fee,  we take two weeks to really learn your product and what makes it different from competitors, and then we start working our leads to bring you sales.  We take a percentage of each sale. 

  IPLS is your user support team.  When you have paying customers they need ongoing support.  We answer those support calls. We can support your maintenance contracts.  Pricing will be variable depending on your technology solution and other variables. 

  Case Study  – SILO Compliance System was the vision of two compliance industry professionals  – experts in their field.  They built  and designed their application and were ready for market in 2014.  But they had no sales or marketing experience.   Contracting with IPLS later that year, IPLS took their product to conferences and on road shows.  In 2019, SILO was  called the “industry leader” in compliance solutions and is used in 9 countries across industries with excellent testimonials regarding their user support.

Our Team

Mike Smith, Sales Manager

Mike manages the sales team and any account managers assigned to your launch making sure leads are analysed and contacted in a timely and professional manner.  Mike also travels to the conferences and does the “road shows” to ensure new markets are reached and your customers get to know a real person behind your technology.  He has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and is preparing to take his ACAMS certification.  When he’s not working, Mike is hiking with his girlfriend and his dog, Hops (“the goodest boy”) and staying in shape with jui jitsu and mixed martial arts training.

Wes Britten, Head of Support

Wes manages the user support team, making sure they have the training and skills to respond to your customer’s queries.  He’s a former firefighter and CBRN Specialist with the Colorado Army National Guard and now studying Cybersecurity with a concentration in Strategic Policy at The University of Central Arkansas.  When Wes is not working he is getting ready to hike another segment or two of the Colorado Trail. 

Charlotte Walton, Marketing Manager

Charlotte manages all of the marketing projects, keeping  a sharp eye on your social media, websites, newsletters and print ads.  She watches over your branding, making sure everything that goes out is perfect.   She works with two marketing companies that have talent to handle videos and graphic design and ensures they bid competitively. Charlotte also attends a few of the conferences to man your exhibition booth. Charlotte is finishing her Bachelor’s in Marketing. When Charlotte is not working you can find her at an airport somewhere with passport in hand travelling the world.

Matthew Whittle, Office Administrator

Matthew is our office administrator.  He’s still in high school and responsible for any data entry tasks,  e-filing and errands.  When at school, Matthew plays soccer and the trumpet.  He is looking forward to college in 2020.

Kimberly Smith, CEO

Kimberly Smith leads this crew.   Kimberly is responsible for your weekly updates and making sure all goals and objectives are being met.  She has a degree in Finance. Kimberly is a co-founder of her own tech start-up and noticed that too many founders had no sales or marketing experience and some great innovators were unable to communicate well with their target end-users.  Passionate for innovation and work flow efficiencies, Kimberly wants to make sure all great new technology’s launch successfully. 

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